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Wellness Rooms


The 1st Wellness Room into a Greek Winery (2017)

Sit back and relax. Γbe one with our lushious vineyards and enjoy the mini antioxidant facial treatment by our experienced beautician.

Experience the unique grape therapy holding a glass of wine in hand.

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Avantis Estate Winery Mytikas Evia



The 1st Wellness Room in Santorini Winery (2019)

Choose one of the face, body or massage treatments, with active ingredients from our vineyards containing volcanic lava.

Indulge your self with the unique antioxidant properties of the Lenga Oenotherapy cosmetics. Let your self join the clear Cycladic sky that meets the blue of the Aegean sea.

Elevate mind and body, relax your senses, smell a glass of Assyrtiko .... let the touch of Santorini's vineyard take over. 

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Anhydrous Cellar Door | Fira | Santorini

All Oenotherapy Lenga are prepared with active ingredients from our vineyards.